Focusing on our goals.


Excuses. we can’t make them unless we already quit. people think making excuses exonerates them from having responsibility to carry out what they need to. see, every time we make excuses we provide the world a look into our weaknesses. if we are focused, we wont need to make excuses. and we can achieve results. You might think what does this have to do with education? well when we are working towards a goal, we may at times make excuses if we fall short. or if we just fall short of reaching them.this is in fact where we need to try harder and work towards the next goal. education may be important, but that is simply one way to approach something. at some point, there has to be a way around the world’s view of education. looking at the meaning of education itself, “Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but learners may also educate themselves.” education is not something that can ONLY be done under direction. its something we can do our selves. we can educate our self in the area we want to pursue a career, or a passion, or a hobby. just simply putting our energy into it will help us get there. if we keep in mind, that anything that has ever been done…has been done by a human just as normal as you, then we can achieve the same level of success.

Tony robins a life coach speaker brings out how focus is what we need to achieve goals. and the truth behind his words is very compelling. if we are trying to create a future where we need to do our best or constantly be learning and achieve the goals we have set we need to focus. when we hone our intentions and our attention on our goals we will have energy, the type of energy that is needed to reach aforementioned goals. another way to do so is if we observe and take into account what others have done to reach their goals. you want to reach a certain level of expertise in something, observe. what have the people in the top of the line of work or the thing you are passionate about, what have they done to reach that goal? maybe your goal is to be the best public speaker. what have the leading people in the field done to establish their name? what have they done to be able to make the crowd comfortable to pay attention and captivate their minds? is it the way his questions are presented? is it the way he is keeping things relevant or light hearted? learn. take it upon you to develop those skills.

zig ziglar23

Sometimes, we limit ourselves from what we can do by placing our own restrictions on ourselves. how you might ask? think of an area in your life where you wanted to do something, and your mind presented you with so many facts and things that stand in the way of what you want to do. granted the special few who put those thoughts aside are the very same ones we look up to. but how can WE do the same? we have to place our selves in their position. this is another challenge that is in the way to reaching my goal. and i am not going to let the fact my mind is saying no to stand in the way. we need to push past that stage, and if we do so – the next time we are determined to reach a goal, we will not only breach that barrier and push past that mental block, but we will reach whatever we set our minds to. focus. focusing on that goal, putting our energy into it will help us reach it. our mind may not be on the same page, the world may not be on the same page, our family may be against us, our friends, everything could be screaming there is no way to do this. but our energy, our determination, the drive to prove them wrong will provide us with the needed energy to reach that goal.

prove them worng


4 thoughts on “Focusing on our goals.

  1. really love this. What caught my attention was the definition of education.
    Okay you really did excellently well to drive down the focus on goal thing. By the way, I just got an idea of something Now of which I’m gon add to my goal list. Nice post.
    much love, George


    1. thanks! i appreciate that. ive struggled in the past with education and its meaning so it felt really good writing about it and defining it. im glad i was able to help you catch an idea! i look forward to hearing about it!
      thanks George!

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